1. Annette Krais

    Is this how you notice your interest for a specific profile area? At the department of ‘Arbets- och Miljömedicin’ we are very experienced in human biomonitoring. We finally got some money to set up a course on human toxicology (from exposure to disease, VMFN32) next May. It is a ‘fristående’ course focusing on environmental chemicals in the human body (How to detect them, how to measure them, and what do they do in the human body?).
    I got already a lot of questions from interested people all over Sweden, that want to attend online, because they are working full time. At the moment our course is thought to be just in Lund. But there seems to be a big demand for working professionals to do an online course in this subject.

  2. profile-areas

    Hej Annette,
    We put you on the list for participants. Best regards!

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