Thematic discussion forum about AI and Digitalisation 17 and 31 January

Byline: Catrin Jakobsson

AI Lund has been asked to help out with this process by organising thematic forums in the domain of AI and digitalisation. For this purpose we have booked two meetings in January, i.e. January 31, and January 17.

The 31 January meeting had as most 40 participants and started with an overview of the 20+ pitches that have been made. Some were presented at the January 17 meeting, and some have been sent by mail later. The pitches were grouped into four clusters/tentative themes for LU profile areas that were discussed in breakout rooms with the outcome summarised below.

There are already many ideas and suggestions for such profile areas in different areas related AI and digitalisation.

• AI for a healthy life (medicine/life science)
• AI and human society (social/political science, humanities)
• AI and sustainability (environmental science/climate research/global health)
• Cognition, interaction and systems (AI technologies)

January 24, 2022

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