Upcoming thematic discussion forums in January and February

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As a part of the development of potential profile areas, Lund University is organising thematic discussion forums.

The starting point for the profile areas is research, but the aim is for complete profile areas to be formed during the process. They are to be intertwined knowledge environments involving strong research, education, and external engagement. A key aspect is doing something different and being able to state the conditions and ambitions for this. In addition, the profile areas are to be able to demonstrate the intended effects of external engagement (societal impact).

Some of the discussion forums are facilitated by KIA-consultancy (internal consultants within Lund University) as a way of stimulating the discussions about possible profile areas at Lund University. But there are of course other ways to develop ideas for profile areas.

If you are planning to arrange an open thematic discussion forum, you are welcome to advertise the forum on the blog. Please contact Tina Trollås, Research Services (tina.trollas@fs.lu.se).

The thematic discussion forums that are planned so far during January and February are:

January 13, 2022

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